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The right way to Clear Your Hen Coop


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Mar 21, 2024
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Do you desperately want to scrub your rooster coop? This put up contains all the data you want for when, how, and why to scrub your rooster coop!

Hens looking through chicken coop door.

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Cleansing your rooster coop could seem to be a problem, however it’s definitely worth the effort!

The beauty of cleansing your rooster coop is that for those who do it a couple of instances a 12 months, or higher but, as soon as a month, it’ll take no time in any respect!


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Provides You’ll Want Previous to Cleansing​

Beneath I’ll record out the entire instruments and supplies I exploit to scrub my coop in addition to nesting materials and bedding I exploit after my coop is clear once more.


The store vac is extraordinarily useful as a result of you may suck up moist or dry supplies. It’s nice for sucking out nesting materials or bedding that will get caught in corners.

High-Pressure Spray Nozzle

Whether or not you utilize a strain washer or high-pressure spray nozzle, it’s very a lot wanted to spray off rooster poop and grime off of the partitions, roosts, and ground.

Dust Mask

Some sort of masks is helpful to make use of to forestall the inhalation of mud and ammonia.

The mud could comprise endotoxins and Ammonia is usually current within the coop, particularly throughout colder months when the rooster coop is closed up, which prevents inadequate air flow.


Vinegar is non-obligatory but it surely’s a protected all-natural option to clear and disinfect the coop.

Pine Shavings

Some kind of contemporary bedding materials is often wanted relying on the ground of your coop. My coop ground is cement and I desire to make use of pine shavings.

Nesting Box Liners

There are numerous totally different choices in the case of nesting field materials however I’ve discovered these nesting field liners to work the very best!

Diatomaceous Earth

That is one other non-obligatory product but it surely’s one of the best ways to soundly kill pests which will hurt your chickens.

As quickly as I’m completed cleansing I sprinkle it all through the coop bedding and inside the nesting containers.

The right way to Clear Your Hen Coop​

  1. Scrape off the entire built-up rooster manure from roosting bars, nesting containers, and partitions.
  2. Shovel and sweep out the entire rooster bedding and scoop out nesting field materials.
  3. Use a shop vac to hoover up the entire remaining particles in corners and nesting containers.
  4. Change the store vac hose to the connection that blows air versus vacuuming and I blow off the entire mud from the partitions and containers.
  5. Proceed to blow out the whole coop to take away all remaining grime.
  6. Use a high-pressure spray nozzle or strain washer and spray off the ground, partitions, roosts, and containers of the coop.

I like to recommend solely doing this step for those who’re rooster coop ground is cement, or handled to be water resistant.

A clean cement chicken coop floor.

Cleansing and Disinfecting Hen Coop​

After finishing the above steps, clear your rooster coop with common white or apple cider vinegar.

Utilizing vinegar is non-obligatory however it’ll assist take away remaining grime, particles, and caught on rooster poop. It should assist management and take away odors. And it’s completely protected to make use of round animals.

Merely combine equal components of water and vinegar, or use straight vinegar, and spray it on flooring, roosts, nesting containers, and wherever else it’s wanted.

After a couple of minutes use the water hose to rinse off the areas the place vinegar was utilized and use a rag to wipe out nesting containers if wanted.

Then merely let your coop air dry or use a leaf blower to assist pace alongside the drying course of.

In case you’d prefer to disinfect to make sure killing micro organism similar to Salmonella and E. coli or micro organism from earlier sick chickens you need to use a gentle bleach resolution of ¼ cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water.

Personally, I don’t all the time hassle with this step however if in case you have had any sick chickens it’s sensible to go the additional step to completely disinfect your coop.


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Remaining Cleansing Steps​

After the ground is dry put out new rooster coop bedding and add contemporary nesting field materials to your nesting containers.

I like to make use of pine shavings for the bedding and nesting box liners for the nesting containers.

Then the ultimate step in my course of is sprinkling diatomaceous earth all through the nesting containers and coop bedding. There are such a lot of advantages of diatomaceous earth for chickens and so long as you’re utilizing food grade DE it’s all-natural and protected.

Watch my YouTube video beneath to see cleansing in motion!

How Typically to Clear Your Hen Coop​

It’s previous time to scrub your rooster coop while you stroll into the house of your cherished flock, and it smells dangerous!

Imagine it or not, a rooster coop doesn’t all the time scent, and by cleansing your coop usually it might not ever get that disagreeable scent in any respect.

To be taught precisely when every cleansing process ought to be completed head to my article right here, How Typically to Clear Your Hen Coop.

Or be sure you seize my Free Chicken Keeping Checklist which covers all cleansing duties and chicken-keeping suggestions in a downloadable PDF format!

However listed here are a couple of fast particulars.

Frequently, I all the time clear out feeders and waterers.

I’ve an automated rooster waterer and at the very least as soon as every week I dump out the water and spray it out with a water hose.

For the feeder, I simply control the meals and if I discover that the chickens have been pooping of their meals or have stirred up grime, I scoop out the highest layer and throw it out to make sure their feed is clear.

However the essential time for cleansing inside the rooster coop is while you start to see mud, grime, cobwebs, soiled rooster coop bedding, soiled nesting materials, and built-up rooster poop.

If these are the circumstances, it’s time to clear as quickly as you may!

The final word objective is to scrub your rooster coop earlier than every of those areas will get too out of hand.

Then you’ll have a fast and straightforward cleansing versus an extended dreadful cleansing after ready far too lengthy!

Beneath are earlier than and after pictures of my rooster coop after far too many months with no good cleansing…

Dirty chicken nesting boxes.

Dirty chicken coop bedding.

Clean nesting boxes.

Clean chicken coop bedding.

Sadly, as life will get busy, cleansing your rooster coop is probably going going to be the least of your priorities.

So earlier than your coop will get uncontrolled, put aside the time and clear, I promise it’s value it!


Get your free Hen-Protecting Guidelines!​

Join and get all of my greatest chicken-keeping suggestions despatched straight to your inbox!!


Why Cleansing Your Coop Is Essential​

Cleansing your rooster coop is not going to solely profit you as you stroll in to gather your eggs and scent a contemporary clear coop. However it’s helpful to your flock!

  1. Having a clear rooster coop reduces the possibility of bugs making houses within the coop that may infest your birds. Widespread pests are rooster mites and lice!
  2. Clear bedding and nesting materials present a clear space for eggs, lowering the period of time it takes washing eggs.
  3. A clear rooster coop permits you to see any new adjustments inside your birds, similar to irregular rooster droppings, so that you could be rapidly have the ability to take motion and deal with them as needed.
  4. A clear coop leads to a cheerful flock and joyful rooster proprietor!

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