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The right way to Cease Earwigs From Invading Your House & Backyard


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Mar 21, 2024
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Earwigs are ample within the moist and darkish nooks of the backyard.

Shifting a flower pot or overturning a stone generally is a startling reminder of their presence, revealing dozens of them hiding out within the cool darkness. When their cowl is disturbed, earwigs will rapidly disperse in each route to hunt out a brand new shadowy cavern.

The factor is, earwigs are principally misunderstood.​

Earwig on a green leaf.
Earwig on a green leaf.

The frequent title comes from the Outdated English ēarwicga which accurately interprets to “ear insect” – all primarily based on the superstition that earwigs will crawl into ears and burrow deep into our brains to put eggs. Though this previous wives’ story has been completely debunked, the title caught.

It doesn’t assist that earwigs have a ferocious look, with a outstanding pair of pincers on the rear. They appear to slither about after they transfer with their flat, elongated our bodies on six brief legs. Some species emit a foul-smelling yellow liquid after they really feel threatened.

In different phrases, earwigs ain’t cute.​

Regardless of all of this, earwigs are innocent to people, however our relationship with them is a little bit of a combined bag. Being each heroes and villains within the backyard, generally they’re fierce warriors that defend our crops from hurt, and at different instances they’re those wreaking all of the havoc.

About Earwigs​

There are roughly 25 species of earwigs that roam all through North America, however the one you’re most certainly to come across within the backyard is Forficula auricularia, the European earwig.

Mature earwig nibbling on a young eggplant.
Mature earwig nibbling on a young eggplant.

Regardless of the species, all earwigs have a pair of pincers on the rear, which makes them a few of the best bugs to establish. The forceps-like appendages (technically cerci) are curved in males and straight in females. These shut collectively to understand and are utilized in self-defense and to seize and maintain prey.

As intimidating because the cerci look, getting pinched by an earwig doesn’t harm, they usually received’t exit of their option to assault people.​

Earwigs are most lively at evening and spend their days hiding in darkish, cool, and moist locations – below useless leaves, mulch or free soil, within the dense progress of vines and weeds, beneath logs, bricks, and generally inside broken fruit.

Female earwig tending to her eggs.
Female earwig tending to her eggs.

Earwigs mate in fall and overwinter in specifically constructed nests about one inch underground. Women and men will spend the winter collectively till early spring, when the feminine will drive the male out of the nest after which lay eggs.

Feminine earwigs are among the many few non-social bugs that care for his or her younger. She is going to guard and shield the eggs from predators and eat any mildew or fungi that develop on them. After a couple of week, the eggs hatch, and she is going to maintain the nymphs fed and guarded till they’ve had their second molt.

Earwig nymph after second molt.
Earwig nymph after second molt.

Nymphs mature into full-fledged adults by early July and will likely be residing their greatest life within the backyard ecosystem till autumn.

Earwigs – The Pest with Advantages​

As scavengers, recyclers, and predators, earwigs are opportunistic omnivores with very hearty appetites.

Below the duvet of evening, they feed on all kinds of useless and residing issues.

Like ants, earwigs assist maintain the ecosystem clear by breaking down natural matter and returning vitamins to the soil. In truth, earwigs in your compost pile are an excellent factor for dashing up the decomposition course of.

Whereas earwigs will content material themselves with useless, broken, and decaying vegetation – which is the primary staple of their weight-reduction plan – they are going to take a serving to of wholesome plant tissue with equal relish.

They benefit from the delicate progress of tender seedlings and younger shoots, abandoning crops lacking all or most of their leaves. In older crops, the leaves could have ragged-shaped holes and chewing across the edges at any time when earwigs are at work.

Potted lettuce plant eaten by earwigs.
Potted lettuce plant eaten by earwigs.

Earwigs are additionally fond of sentimental fruits like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, apricots, peaches, and different stone fruit. When nibbled on by earwigs, the fruits could have gouges within the flesh that tunnel deep inside. Corn is one other prized meals, and earwigs will feed on the silks, disrupting pollination and resulting in poor kernel improvement.

The decorative backyard isn’t protected from the earwig’s ravenous cravings both, and they’ll chew into the buds, petals, and foliage of zinnias, dahlias, marigolds, hostas, and butterfly bush.

When earwigs aren’t consuming leaves, flowers, or fruit, they’re off searching different bugs. These pinchers are helpful for capturing all types of pests – particularly aphids, scale bugs, whiteflies, mites, spiders, caterpillars, and different soft-bodied bugs. Earwigs may even chow down on all method of insect eggs too, serving to to maintain the general pest inhabitants low.

6 Methods to Handle Earwigs within the Backyard​

As you possibly can see, earwigs don’t match neatly into the nice man or dangerous man field.

Often, earwigs aren’t a major menace within the residence backyard. Certain, they are going to gobble up seedlings and trigger unpleasant holes in flowers, leaves, and fruit, however they don’t unfold illness and barely kill crops outright.

And so they do eat loads of backyard pests that will do extra hurt to your loved one cultivars with out earwigs standing of their means.

You’ll be able to strike the fitting steadiness with earwigs by defending your crops from hurt whereas additionally reaping the advantages of organic pest management and improved natural matter recycling.

Right here’s how:

1. Clear Up the Backyard​

An vital first step in limiting the variety of earwigs hanging round your property is to take away their potential hiding spots.

Woman weeding garden.
Woman weeding garden.

Transfer piles of leaves, wooden, brush and grass clippings far-off from vegetable and flower gardens.

Place risers below flower pots and containers to raise them up and maintain the bottom beneath them dry.

Pull up weeds and dense floor covers like ivy that creep too near your prized crops.

Natural mulches may harbor earwigs. When earwig populations are notably dangerous, you would possibly must skinny it or take it out totally.

2. Use Row Covers in Spring​

There are few issues extra disheartening than seedlings which are right here at some point and gone the subsequent.

Seedlings are fragile little issues, however they are often protected with light-weight row covers in spring till they’re sturdy sufficient to resist slightly nibbling.

Garden rows with row covers held down with bricks.
Garden rows with row covers held down with bricks.

The white, gauzy cloth allows air, water, and 80% to 90% of daylight however blocks out a number of backyard invaders – earwigs, in addition to caterpillars, aphids, thrips, Japanese beetles, cucumber beetles, flea beetles, root maggot flies, and bigger critters like birds, chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, and deer.

Floating row covers are laid instantly over crops, leaving sufficient slack within the materials so it will possibly develop as crops develop. Or the fabric might be raised up and supported with hoops common from a versatile wire.

To be efficient as an insect barrier in both setup, the perimeters of the row cowl have to be buried fully. Dumping shovelfuls of soil across the perimeter of the material to tamp it down will guarantee the duvet is straightforward to take away when it is advisable weed.

Row covers are taken off for the season when insect-pollinated crops begin to bloom.

By this level, your crops ought to be huge and powerful. Having wholesome, well-established, and mature crops is actually one of the best protection towards grazing backyard pests of any type.

3. Safeguard Your Fruit​

Berries and drupes (stone fruits) are the earwig’s favourite fruity snacks. You’ll know earwigs are the culprits by the deep tunnels they drill inside to allow them to get on the softer flesh.

Although earwigs harm and deform the fruit, it doesn’t make the fruit inedible. To save lots of the harvest, lower away the holes made by earwigs and maintain the remaining.

To discourage earwigs out of your fruit bushes and shrubs, take away close by hiding locations and sheltering spots. Prune away suckers rising on the base of trunks and maintain the location away from all weeds and brush.

Person pruning suckers at the base of a fruit tree.
Person pruning suckers at the base of a fruit tree.

Pruning fruit bushes and thinning the fruit can go a good distance towards avoiding an all-out earwig infestation. Be fast about harvesting and choose the fruit as quickly because it’s ripe.

If earwigs are a recurring problem, sticky bands supply good management towards them and different crawling, canopy-dwelling pests. Bought at most backyard facilities, sticky bands are coated in grease or non-drying glue on one aspect. The bands are wrapped, sticky aspect out, across the tree trunk about 4 ft off the bottom. The greasy substance will act as a bodily barrier that earwigs, caterpillars, aphids, weevils, and gypsy moths can’t cross.

4. Encourage the Earwig’s Pure Predators​

You’ll be able to go years with out having a lot of an issue with earwigs. Then one summer time, when the environmental circumstances align completely, you’ll see earwigs all over the place.

A light winter adopted by a moist and heat spring season can create the proper scenario for earwig populations to blow up. It’s because extra adults survived the winter of their underground nests, and extra adults means extra eggs had been laid. Every feminine will lay 20 to 80 eggs at a time, and in a very balmy and heat spring, the eggs will hatch faster, and the nymphs will develop and molt sooner.

The very best examine on extreme earwig populations is to encourage their predators to patrol your lands – and earwigs have many pure enemies that can hunt them down for a protein-packed lunch.

American redstart eating an earwig.
American redstart eating an earwig.

Birds are a pleasure to look at, they usually include the fantastic bonus of offering wonderful pest management. Our feathered pals will tirelessly work over the backyard, scouring and sussing out the earwig’s daytime hiding nooks. Make your backyard extra engaging to birds by including birdbaths and birdhouses to the panorama and rising extra bushes and shrubs for them to perch in.

For the evening shift, when earwigs are out and about and actively feeding, attracting bats may even do a heck so much for maintaining their populations down. From nightfall until daybreak, bats will seek out and eat 3,000 to 4,200 bugs each night. Make your yard extra inviting to bats by rising night-blooming flowers, offering a water supply, and hanging up a bat home.

A number of different creatures will do their half and eat up loads of earwigs, together with frogs and toads, lizards, spiders, and wasps.

5. Set Out Shelter Traps​


Although earwigs aren’t social bugs, they often congregate collectively throughout the day in tight hiding spots. A glut of earwigs sheltering below a rock occurs due to their aggregating pheromones that sign to close by earwigs that they’ve bought a pleasant little place of refuge.

We are able to use this information to our benefit by setting down decoy shelters to lure and take away lots of earwigs from the backyard, unexpectedly.

Lay out some rolled-up newspaper, bamboo tubes, folded cardboard, or a brief piece of hose on the soil subsequent to crops simply earlier than darkish. The subsequent day, fastidiously choose up the traps and shake the earwigs sheltering inside right into a pail of soapy water. Or save them in your chickens.

Repeat the process day-after-day till you’re now not catching earwigs.

One other earwig trapping contraption includes an upturned pot full of straw and positioned on a cane or stick. Here’s a great tutorial for making your individual.

6. Make Oil Traps​

One other efficient option to eradicate an overabundance of earwigs in your yard is to make a number of oil traps.

Use a shallow can, reminiscent of an empty cat meals or tuna can, and bait it with a half-inch of vegetable oil and a drop of bacon grease, soy sauce, or fish oil. Sink the can into the bottom, so the highest of the can is at soil stage.

Set the oil traps subsequent to your earwig-ravaged crops and examine them a number of instances every week. Dump out the collected earwigs and refill the cans with contemporary bait.

What to Do When Earwigs are…Contained in the Home​

Group of earwigs clustered at the base of a wall.
Group of earwigs clustered at the base of a wall.

Like boxelder bugs and woman beetles, earwigs are extra of an unintended residence invader.

They might wander indoors in search of shelter, however they don’t harm property, raid meals pantries, or reproduce.

Any you discover inside can merely be swept or vacuumed up and dunked in soapy water earlier than discarding.

Search for entry factors when you’ve repeated encounters with earwigs within the basement, beneath sinks, and different darkish and dank areas of the house. Their flat our bodies make it straightforward for them to crawl by slender gaps, so be thorough when sealing round window sills, baseboards, and door thresholds.

As within the backyard, garbage saved across the exterior of the home could make indoor entry extra engaging to earwigs. Leaves, newspapers, firewood, and different piles of natural matter ought to be cleared or moved away from the partitions of your property.

Gloved hand cleaning removing leaves from eavestrough.
Gloved hand cleaning removing leaves from eavestrough.

And don’t neglect your gutters. Leaf-clogged eavestroughs are one other most well-liked earwig refuge, so be sure to clear these out each autumn.


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