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How Do You Use A Pipe Queen Catcher?


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Mar 21, 2024
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Beekeeping typically requires the capturing of the queen bee and maintaining her secure and safe. You wish to do that course of as fastidiously as doable guaranteeing you don’t injure the queen or unintentionally kill her whereas making an attempt to seize her. A pipe queen catcher is a tool that can be utilized to carry out this delicate process with minimal threat to the queen. How are pipe queen catchers used to safe the queen?

Take away the sponge from the big finish of the pipe with a big opening. Place the opening of the pipe over the queen and await her to crawl inside. As soon as she is contained in the pipe entrance, elevate the pipe up and block the doorway gap with the sponge. The queen is now trapped within the catcher.

queen bee surrounded by bees on a honeycomb
queen bee surrounded by bees on a honeycomb

When it is advisable seize the queen on one among your bee colonies, it’s a time for endurance, focus, and a focus to element. The queen is the life pressure of the colony, and it is going to be critically deprived ought to the queen endure hurt. A pipe catcher is one technique to soundly catch the queen, and we have now written some pointers on methods to do it accurately.

Utilizing A Pipe Queen Catcher To Safe Your Queen​

Balacoo 2Pcs Queen Catcher Tobacco Pipe Shape Queen Cage Beekeeping ToolBalacoo 2Pcs Queen Catcher Tobacco Pipe Shape Queen Cage Beekeeping Tool

A pipe queen catcher is a tool constructed from clear plastic, formed equally to a tobacco pipe. One finish is giant and bulbous, and it then narrows right into a tube-like shaft with a small opening on the different finish.

The pipe is constructed from clear plastic so you’ll be able to see as soon as the queen is contained in the lure. The slim finish of the pipe is normally plugged with a cork or rubber stopper that matches tightly into the tip of the pipe.

The massive bulbous finish of the pipe has a pretty big opening with a lip across the edge, and it’s normally plugged with an appropriately sized piece of sponge. A sponge is used to plug the bigger opening as a result of it’s porous and can permit air to go via the sponge and into the chamber.

Which means that you might maintain the queen within the pipe queen catcher for a while when you carry out different duties with out the priority that she might suffocate from being confined within the catcher.

Some pipe queen catchers are constructed from glass, however there may be all the time the danger of breaking these pipes, so the higher choice is the pipe constructed from plastic.

use your pipe queen catcher​

Utilizing the pipe queen catcher is kind of easy, and in my expertise as a beekeeper, easy is what you need, particularly when working with gloved fingers.

Beekeeping gloves make you lose some dexterity and tremendous motor abilities crucial for the mild dealing with of the queen. The pipe queen catcher’s easy operation doesn’t require dexterity and may simply be achieved whereas carrying bee gloves.

Comply with these steps to make use of your pipe queen catcher to isolate and lure the queen.

  1. Make sure the cork within the small finish of the pipe is cosy and safe.
  2. Take away the sponge from the opening on the giant finish of the pipe.
  3. Find the queen on the comb.
  4. Holding the pipe, so the big opening is pointing down, gently push employees and attending bees apart, away from the queen.
  5. As soon as the queen is remoted, place the opening of the large finish of the pipe catcher over the queen, being cautious to not lure her legs or wings below the sting of the pipe or the lip of the opening. Care should even be taken to not press down on the pipe too onerous and unintentionally crush the queen.
  6. Await the queen to climb up contained in the bulbous part of the pipe.
  7. Raise the pipe up and rapidly however gently push the sponge into the opening within the large finish of the pipe to successfully lure the queen inside.

The queen is now safely contained in the lure, and he or she can have house to maneuver round inside the big part of the pipe. She might even stroll up the slim part of the pipe, and that is okay.

Right here is the good thing about the pipe being product of clear plastic. Now you can study the queen and monitor her well being and security within the pipe whereas finishing your different duties.

The queen can have air coming into the pipe due to the sponge on the giant finish, permitting the switch of air out and in of the chamber.

When it’s time to launch the queen, the method couldn’t be simpler. Put together the situation the place you wish to put the queen, both a field for transport or a small field for momentary housing. You would additionally place the queen again within the hive utilizing the identical steps detailed beneath.

return the queen to her hive​

Comply with the following steps to get the queen to exit the seize pipe.

  1. Depart the sponge in place on the giant finish of the pipe.
  2. Take away the cork or stopper from the slim finish of the pipe.
  3. Place the slim finish of the pipe on the opening of the queen cage the place you wish to retailer the queen or launch her into the beehive.
  4. Be sure that the big finish with the sponge is pointing up in direction of you.
  5. Take away the sponge from the big pipe finish, maintaining tabs on the queen that she doesn’t come out that finish.
  6. Gently blow into the big opening of the pipe. This encourages the queen to go up the slim a part of the pipe in direction of the exit on the slim finish.
  7. As soon as the queen bee has walked out of the slim finish of the pipe, the switch is full.

The queen will now be contained in the container you ready for her or safely again contained in the hive. This technique of trapping and transferring the queen is safer than utilizing queen clips which have a spring. That is very true when working your bees with gloves.

The spring clips require fixed strain to maintain them open. Releasing the clip on the incorrect second, or if the tabs of the clip slip out of your gloved fingers, you run the danger of squashing the queen.

The pipe queen catcher eliminates extra of those dangers to the queen in the course of the seize, and the queen’s launch is extra simply managed, notably if you wish to package deal the queen for transport.


A pipe queen catcher is an easy, simple, and mild technique of working together with your queen bees. The operation of the pipe and portion it makes use of to catch the queen and switch her to a cage, a transport container, and even again into the hive is secure and fewer traumatic to the queen.

A pipe queen catcher is very beneficial for newbie beekeepers working with their queens as a result of it removes the necessity to use fingers or clips, which have the next threat of damaging the queen.

How Do You Use A Pipe Queen Catcher
How Do You Use A Pipe Queen Catcher


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