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5 Advantages of Utilizing Air Pots


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Mar 21, 2024
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What are Air Pots?

As growers, we at all times search for methods to enhance our harvest. Plain dedication has led to numerous improvements, together with specialised rising containers, akin to Air Pots.

Future Garden Air Pot Range

Air pots give you so many further advantages that utilizing them is a no brainer. They’re manufactured from perforated, dimpled, recycled plastic. They’re extremely hard-wearing and will be re-used for as much as ten years.

Air pots come flat packed and are easy to construct and use. To construct them, you wrap the perforated plastic across the base and safe it with the colored screws. All that’s left so that you can do, is fill it together with your chosen medium. If you’re completed, simply deconstruct the pot and retailer it flat.

The specialised design encourages oxygenation, good for sturdy root progress. Moreover, air pots present wonderful drainage serving to to forestall root illnesses and decay.

How do air pots work?

A generic plant pot is moulded from a strong plastic sheet with drainage holes on the underside. Air pots, are a lot totally different, that includes holes all through your complete floor space of the pot that encourages oxygenation and powerful root progress. Moreover, they supply wonderful drainage, stopping root illnesses and decay.

5 high advantages of utilizing Air Pots

1. Air pruning

When the roots attain the
conical-shaped sides of the pot, they’re compelled towards the holes. As soon as uncovered
to the weather, the roots are naturally “air pruned”. Air pruning
stimulates root branching, and new roots sprout from the previous. This course of
repeats till your complete develop media is crisscrossed with roots.

2. Dense root system

As these new tiny roots are
created, they unfold out by way of the soil. This massive fibrous root mass can
absorb extra diet than the lengthy singular roots in a generic pot. This
makes for happier, extra sturdy, more healthy vegetation.

3. Free draining

Take a plant out of an everyday
container, and the possibilities are that the roots on the backside are sodden. That is
attributable to inadequate drainage. The holes in your air pot guarantee optimum drainage
and aeration of the rising medium. This helps the perfect circumstances for
useful micro organism to thrive and supply extra vitamins for the plant.

4. Robust roots

The roots of vegetation grown in
typical pots are lengthy. With nowhere to go, they spiral spherical and spherical,
strangling themselves. They develop into “root certain” and battle to
nourish the plant above floor effectively. With air pots, shorter, extra
vigorous roots that work to their most potential are always created.

5. Higher illness resistance

In an air pot, your plant
receives oxygen from all sides. Your medium will dry out shortly and evenly.
Undrained “standing water” in your pot can result in root rot and different
illnesses. Utilizing an air pot will defend your vegetation from these issues.

Who can use Air Pots?

Air pots are utilized by everybody
from houseplant fans to large-scale industrial crop growers. Whether or not you
are rising decorative vegetation, conventional fruit and veg or microgreens and
herbs. The big selection of sizes is ideal for every little thing from tiny seedlings to

Why Use Air pots?

The perfect begin for seeds

Improved aeration creates
more healthy rising media and extra uniform germination. The taproot can be
pruned, stimulating early lateral root branching. Elevated oxygenation means
extra wholesome micro organism that the seedling can soak up for quicker, extra substantial

Set up clones and cuttings quicker

Air pots assist your cuttings and clones to provide a powerful root community quick. In addition they scale back “switch shock” due to the minimal root disturbance induced. Attributable to how the pot “wraps round” your plant, it’s simple to transplant with little or no root disturbance.

Backyard tip: To assist cuttings set up faster, use a product like Biobizz Leaf Coat. It helps creates a permeable barrier on the leaf, which nonetheless permits air to the stomata and lightweight to the chlorophyll. Coating the leaf with leaf coat lowers transpiration and permits the chopping to place extra vitality into creating new roots.

Nice for indoor rising

Smaller air pots between 1-5 litres are good for indoor rising. They produce sturdy vegetation with wonderful lateral branching and shut internodal spacing. That is ideally suited for fruiting vegetation and small excessive yielding vegetation which can be generally grown indoors.

Extra Prime Ideas for utilizing Air Pots

Pot measurement

Water seeps out of the holes
of air pots, and the media dries out shortly, so you might have to water extra
usually. Utilizing a much bigger air pot than you’d usually buy is a good suggestion.
It will improve the amount of water out there to the roots at any given


The massive holes within the plastic shell permit rising media to spill out. Utilizing a low affect watering approach like a dripper system is a good suggestion. This prevents a powerful movement of water from pushing any media out. Shedding media out of your pot can disrupt the basis zone and go away your plant missing rising media the place it could want it.

So, to sum it up, air pots are a confirmed and revolutionary rising system. Their success lies of their means to beat the issues of typical container-grown vegetation. This ingenious and easy design answer helps you keep away from potential pitfalls and retains your root methods in wonderful well being, what’s to not like about that?
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